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At the Restraining Order Law Firm, we deal with all issues pertaining to restraining orders. Call us for a consultation immediately to learn your legal options regarding a restraining order issue. It could be that you want to file a restraining order against someone else, a person has unfairly filed a restraining order against you, or you have been accused of violating a restraining order.

Regardless of your situation, we will fight for the best possible option. We serve clients seeking restraining order services in Los Angeles County and the surrounding counties. As we are skilled in securing and fighting protective orders, we can find ways of representing you in either area. Contact us at 424-600-7691 today to learn about our legal strategies.


I am extremely grateful that I had Leah Naparstek and her team fighting for me to obtain a protective order. This was one of the most challenging life experiences I have ever faced, and it was overwhelming. But knowing I had a lawyer with a good heart and in-depth knowledge about securing restraining orders put me at ease. If you need help and guidance in obtaining a restraining order, I highly recommend you call Leah.

Amanda J.

Leah Naparstek and her team represented me when I was charged with a protective order violation. I was frightened of ending up in jail and facing hefty fines. Thankfully, my decision to hire the Restraining Order Law Firm saved me.

The attorneys here are highly professional. They reviewed my case thoroughly and advised me accordingly. They are very direct, responsive, and respectful. My lawyer managed to have the judge dismiss my case, and I did not have to face any consequences. I highly recommend this law firm.

Brandon M.

Professional and responsive team! I was in the process of a bitter divorce, and my wife filed a protective order against me full of wrongful accusations. I was confused and at my lowest point, not knowing what to do or how to free myself from the allegations. The attorneys at the Restraining Order Law Firm were by my side from the beginning and helped me tackle everything professionally.

They kept me updated and promptly responded to my text messages and calls. They were highly knowledgeable and knew what strategy to use at what stage of the case. Their experience made me relax, and the protective order had been withdrawn by the time the divorce case was over. Thank you so much, Restraining Order Law Firm.

Eric B.