In many cases, seeking restraining orders is a crucial part of another criminal proceeding, such as one involving allegations of domestic abuse or harassment. However, in other situations, this measure could serve as a solo protective measure. When you've been subjected to violence or threats of violence by someone else, you are entitled to the best protection available, and a protective/restraining order serves as a standard means to get that legal protection.

At the Restraining Order Law Firm, our team of devoted Los Angeles attorneys works with clients who might need restraining orders or who might have been wrongfully served with one and require legal representation to defend themselves. Contact us today for more information.

Our Vision

Navigating successfully through the restraining order petition procedure in California is not something that can be described as straightforward or easy for anyone who is not acquainted with the system. For novices, it could be disorienting which details to submit and the best way to present evidence in support of assertions made on your paperwork. In addition, questions such as reasons why you are seeking the restraining or protective order could have major negative effects down the road if answered incorrectly.

At the Restraining Order Law Firm, our vision is plain and simple: to make it easier for clients to obtain a restraining order that provides the highest level of protection in the shortest amount of time possible. We work with you to expedite the application process while taking into account crucial details such as who will be responsible for paying the mortgage or rent and who'll be in charge of the vehicle once the order has taken effect.

Our Proven Track Record

Time and time again, clients have shown complete contentment with our legal services. This is because we pay close attention to the genuine desires and needs of every single person who seeks our assistance, and we pursue their interests throughout the entire process.

At the Restraining Order Law Firm, we have built solid interpersonal relationships in Los Angeles and the neighboring cities, and we regularly get new clients through referrals. Our ratings are consistently good, which only serves to show that we've got a history of successfully achieving our firm's goals and visions for our esteemed clients.

Why You Should Choose Us

Although Los Angeles has a sizable number of lawyers that specialize in restraining orders, the number of truly outstanding restraining order law companies is far smaller. Every single day, members of our legal team here at the Restraining Order Law Firm put in a lot of effort to make sure that we provide you with unparalleled services in the industry. We have compiled a list of reasons why our legal service is the best option to help you with your restraining/protective order petition process:

Outstanding Legal Knowledge and Expertise

Our legal team's collective experience spans literally decades, and each of our lawyers and administrative personnel are skilled and highly qualified professionals. We are not only equipped with excellent skills, but we have a group of attorneys with remarkable proficiency in this particular field of practice.

Knowledge of the Local Legal System

Even though having a firm grasp on the specifics of the law is unquestionably essential, such knowledge alone is not sufficient. Additionally, you must be familiar with the local judges, courts, and police departments that you will interact with during your career. As the Restraining Order Law Firm, we have served the Los Angeles Region for a long time and are well acquainted with how the local legal system works.

Personalized Focus and Service

It is a common occurrence for restraining order legal firms to accept more clients than they are able to handle. Some of these firms even employ inexperienced lawyers to manage the extra workload just to turn a profit. This is unheard of in our firm. We treat you with the individualized care you deserve!

Outstanding Negotiation Skills

Being able to come to terms with the opposing party, when that option is available, or at the very least being able to make a strong case in court, if the opposing party refuses to cooperate, is an essential aspect of being able to acquire an effective protective order. We’re a team of skilled negotiators who will pay close attention to the little things that will help secure the best outcome for you.

Credible Clout

The reputation we have earned in Los Angeles and our track record of successfully achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients often make the opposing parties hesitate. Our reputation precedes us, giving us the "clout" to negotiate favorable terms for our customers and ensuring that our competitors don't take advantage of them.

Unwavering Determination

We fight aggressively for our clients. We never quit and never accept anything that's not the best possible result. We work tirelessly to protect what is best for you because we care about your well-being and future.

Fast Turnaround

It is imperative that any delays in the approval of a restraining order, whether permanent or temporary, be avoided at all costs. In light of this, we emphasize efficiency in the handling of your petition, but not at the expense of thoroughness or attention.

Exceptional Customer Service

When dealing with requests for restraining orders, communication is essential. We must have a thorough understanding of the specific needs of each customer and then act accordingly. We go out of our way to be constantly available for any further questions or concerns while your case moves along.

Absolute Professionalism

You can always count on being treated courteously and respectfully when you choose us. We will only request information that is essential for processing your application for a restraining/protective order and to increase the likelihood that it will be approved in the shortest possible time. We will never make assumptions about you and will never do anything to compromise your trust.

Available Round-the-Clock

We leave our lines open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round so that we may accept your call whenever you need assistance obtaining a protective or restraining order. We offer free non-obligatory initial consultations at any time, and we can get started on your case as soon as you get in touch with us.

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